Unravel our New Sales Model in 7 quick steps

4 min readDec 23, 2021


Since its launch in September, DeMons has gained a solid foothold in the market with its avant-garde NFTs. Unlike other NFTs on the market, our NFTs are not to mere hold and trade but are a culture, each having their own stories, lore, and the DeMon Metaverse built around them.

We have just closed our first quarter in mid-November, and since our inception, we have organized one public and one private sale, which were massive successes. With the feedback we received from the community, we have identified the issues faced by them and rectified them in our new sales model.

Read through to understand the new sales model and how the updates benefit you.

New Sales Model

The new sales model consolidates the idea of specialized privileges for trusted wallets, thereby limiting hoarding of NFTs to a broader extent. By developing a fair and community-friendly model, we make the process more driven and engaging, ensure customer gratification and prompt higher value.

How does this model work?

  1. We start with a pre-determined period of hard staking. The buffer period runs for a week, during which we lock 2500 $DMZ. After a week, the assets are hard-locked for two weeks.
  2. In the following two weeks, we generate a list of addresses selected from the locking contract during the lockup period.
  3. The addresses are randomized and uploaded to IPFS. The randomization here does not need to be verified as we only shuffle them. Correct! We don’t need to use a verified random solution.
  4. After generating the IPFS hash, it is published to the smart contract, and the IPFS document containing these addresses will be publicly declared. A well-defined data structure will be used in IPFS so that the user can easily track their addresses and associated numbers. Using IPFS helps to reduce the number of transactions, saves gas costs, and makes it easier for the users to look at their data. After getting the IPFS hash, we deploy a contract in Zilliqa with the IPFS URL of the data and the VRF contract address used to generate the random number in the Ethereum Mainnet. This contract would be made public before generating the random number so that the users can track and Demons can be transparent.
  5. At the end of the lockup period, we use the Ethereum VRF(Chainlink) to generate one random number. The transaction hash to generate this random number will be publicly announced. We make a script to get the number of the users in the locking contract and then set the range for the random number based on the same. Next, another script calls the VRF to get a verifiable random number from the contract.
  6. We use the random number to get the lucky position. For example, if there are 200 addresses and only 40 are to get the NFT, then we set the range of random numbers from 0–199. We generate the random number and, let’s say it’s 45. 45 is the lucky number here, and all the 40 addresses from the number 45->84 get the NFT. Since we shuffled the addresses and the number is random, every address has an equal chance of getting the NFT. If the lucky number is 190, we re-iterate the list. 190–199 and 0–29 get the NFTs. In doing this, we get the list of selected addresses through one transaction, i.e., it reduces the number of transactions and makes it easier for users to verify the whitelisted list. This information is set in the contract where we put the IPFS hash and VRF contract.
  7. Next, we set the whitelisted addresses in the sales proxy.

How does this benefit you?

The above process has multifaceted benefits for you!

  1. It makes Demons transparent and verifiable in selecting the addresses that can mint the NFTs.
  2. It saves the users from failed transactions by selecting the addresses before the sale starts.
  3. We also have an Easter egg!!! Continue reading to know more!

Third Sale!

The third sale will be going live soon! Its art style revolves around Cybermyths and has already been released. We will conduct the sale at a flat price of 2000 DMZs, i.e., everyone who mints the NFTs will get it at the same price (2000 DMZs)! Get ready to dive deeper into the DeMons Metaverse!

Head over to Demons.world to take part in the sale!